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I don’t really talk much about my relationship because I feel that there are some things that should be left private but I think the time has come to show a little bit more about the man that stands behind me through everything. I practically had to beg Dean to be in this shoot with me and eventually, he came around. In a way, I’m actually quite glad that Dean isn’t really into social media because it gives me time to depart from it when I am in his company. He doesn’t really like taking pictures or being in selfies but it is one of the things I love most about him.

Being in this industry, it’s so important to find someone that understands your lifestyle and is not insecure. I cannot afford to give him my attention all the time and he understands and respects that even though it has taken quite some time but don’t tell him I said that. It has taken some adjustment but he has learned that my phones battery life directly correlates with my mood so he ALWAYS lets me charge my phone first even when my phone is on 73% and his is on 5%. He now makes long sentimental Instagram posts that I secretly wait for. He has also learned that any sort of trip with just us two quickly turns into a photoshoot of some kind and with that being said, his camera skills are now amazing. He has also been patient when I zone out to edit an Instagram picture and pretended to notice the difference between two images that look almost identical but somehow different.

I chose to shoot at Club Mykonos because it represents a lot for our relationship and aesthetically, it just works. We had so much fun even though, at first Dean was a bit shy and awkward. After a while, he got the hang of it and actually started to enjoy it even though he would never admit that to me. Hopefully, he will agree to be in more posts in the future. Did you guys enjoy having him in this post?

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Topshop shoes & crop | Skirt from Cambodia | Edgars denim jacket




Win tickets for you and a friend to an EXCLUSIVE invite-only HAVAIANAS EVENT and a pair of Havaianas. 

You and a friend could be joining myself and many other digital influencers and media at the exclusive invite-only Havaianas annual Summer Party and a pair of Havaianas to get you kick started into Summer!

Steps to enter:

  1. Comment with your email address and a friends email address that you would like to bring along.
  2. Follow Havaianas_southafrica on Instagram.


Winner will be announced on the 30th of September 2016 on my Snapchat. The winner will also be emailed to confirm so make sure to leave those email addresses!


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The Fix backpack & skirt | Steve Madden shoes (last season)| Woolworths jersey (2 seasons ago)


Lindy Lins makeup

WELCOME BACK to my blog! If you are visiting for the first time then thank you for taking the time to visit. If there is anything I have learnt about fashion and style, especially since I have started blogging is that you HAVE to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. It will help if you purchase items that will provide you with longevity and not just a quick injection of what the latest trends are. Mostly you will find that you purchase items when it is in ‘style’ and then you wear it once and it ends up gathering dust in the back of your closet because after some time, it is no longer relevant right? I have found that most of my pieces that I have recycled from season to season are the most basic items. You can never go wrong with basics, especially if you are an indecisive shopper.

In the very beginning stages on starting my blog, I believed that you had to be so extravagantly different to stand out in this industry which is why that in most cases, the clothes I would wear on my blog, I wouldn’t really wear on the odd day. This made me so dependent on how others perceived me instead of how I perceived myself and most of it had to do with what I was wearing. Instead of my clothes making me more confident, It actually made me more self conscious. You don’t always have to be noticed or receive compliments to feel confident, you just have to know internally that you are beautiful.

Let’s take this outfit for example – This fluffy jersey, I purchased at Woolworths 2 years ago and it’s still relevant because it’s beautifully simplistic and it really does make me feel confident and girly. I paired it with a maroon pleather skirt that I had recently purchased from The Fix. I chose it because I could see myself wearing it in seasons to come and changing it up. In the Summertime, it could be worn with a basic tee and sneakers. I also purchased this rose gold backpack from The Fix because I always love to throw a backpack on when I am feeling playful and it instantly adds some childish charm to my look. Also, rose gold as a colour in general pretty much goes with everything so I don’t think you can really go wrong.

I decided to pair this look in this way because I just wanted to showcase how older items could make a ‘comeback’ and still be relevant. We often have this misconception that because something was bought last season, it is no longer relevant but it is what YOU make of it after all.

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Lisa Gabriel photography

DSC_8221 DSC_8258DSC_8219

Fashion Outfit Outfit Photography



River Island Coat, Topshop Crop&Jeans, Woolies shoes.


Lindy Lins Makeup

Who says Winter fashion has to be all doom and gloom? Winter is actually one of my favourite seasons and I’m so eager for it to arrive. There’s just something about being all snuggled up with hot chocolate that excites me – I guess it’s the way we can kind of laze around with a thick pair of wooly socks and have large amounts of dairy without really feeling guilty. Safe to say that carbs becomes a viable part of your diet once again because how can one have soup without mamas dumplings? But be careful, we can’t end up looking like a dumpling come Summer. I know it’s not Winter yet but it might as well be in Cape Town because it gets absolutely FREEZING at times!

About This Look

Wearing all-white can sometimes feel like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. I decided to layer this look with one of my favourite jackets from River Island. It has some cheeky touches of suede which I LOVE! It just made it super easy to wear all-white because of the texturing elements of the jacket and this otherwise ‘simple’ and ‘plain’ look suddenly adopts a level of depth. The faux fur is detachable so if you’re worried about looking like a diva, then you can just remove it but I personally love the pop of fur because it kind of strays away from the norm. Then just adding a crisp white crop-top with white jeans adds an undeniable chicness to this look. There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin and completely disregarding the notion that one must be FULLY covered up in Winter. Luckily in Cape Town, there will be the odd days in which we can get away with this and plus this coat is super warm. Let’s face it, us Capetonians refuse to let the crop top go – even in the cold! We will find a way to make it work. Long live the crop top!

Tips On How To Wear Winter White RIGHT in Winter. 

  • Layer! By layering to all-white ensembles, it will create more depth and not look flat.
  • Balance your look. For example, in this look, I am wearing cream and white. Another way to balance is by wearing maybe an oversized knit with a skinny jean.
  • If you’re not comfortable wearing all white then add in some neutrals by maybe wearing a pair of silver or nude shoes.
  • Wearing items of different textures and weights can never go wrong.
  • When wearing all-white, tailored pieces are in many cases, more flattering, especially for my body shape.
  • BE CONFIDENT! I’ve said this before but one can never hear it enough.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

DSC_4725 DSC_4735 DSC_4760

Black Is The New Black Lookbook Outfit Street style



Topshop cape & top, River Island leggings, Steve Madden heels


Lisa Gabriel Photogoraphy

I always told myself that I would never be one of those people that wear all-black ensembles on a regular but more often than not, I find myself plucking black items from my closet. Not only is black mysterious but it is extremely sexy.If you’re not comfortable wearing all-black then try colour popping either with a bright lipstick, jewellery or nail polish. Another thing I love about wearing all-black is that you can recycle your items more often than any other colour and actually end up saving money. The days of being ’emo’ when wearing all-black are long gone so instead of thinking that you’re bland if you wear black, embrace your inner fierceness and you never have to worry about going out of style because black is ALWAYS in.

About this look:

These pleather leggings go with EVERYTHING and its versatility is truly endless. I think it’s always good, especially if you have curves such as myself, to throw on a cape and the cape also pulls the whole outfit together. The cape also adds an element of drama which is subtly excused when wearing an all-black outfit, making it appear effortlessly chic. Need I say more?

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DSC_0544 DSC_0546 DSC_0567

Lookbook Outfit



Lisa Gabriel Photography


River Island sleeveless jacket, crop top & leggings, Woolworths shoes, Zuri ring & neck-piece


The convergence between architecture and fashion has slowly started to creep into my life. Architecture in and of itself is an art-form and by combining the two, makes for an interesting interpretation of your own style. Coco Chanel said that ‘fashion is architecture’ and this couldn’t ring more true because whether we love fashion or we don’t, everyday we are constructing pieces of clothing that to an extent, represent us as human beings. However, in my case, I have made a conscious decision to reflect different realms of my being by giving my readers something visual to look at whilst unconsciously identifying with me as a human being. In other words, you may have noticed that I tend to stray away from one specific style but that’s just me, I change my mind all the time and I would like that to be reflective of someone that is constantly evolving.

About this Look:

I decided to keep it simple and classic by wearing an all-black ensemble. I recently picked up this black raw-cut sleeveless jacket  and black pleather leggings from River Island so I just had to wear it. When I buy items, I always make sure that I already have an outfit in mind and when buying black items, its not difficult to pull together multiple outfits by recycling the same items. Paired with gold accessories, I kept it chic and classy.

About this location: 

I fell in-love with this Location because of all it represents – the hustle and bustle of city life and a gentle reminder that the mind is the conquerer of all and I can truly achieve all I set out for myself. Like I said in previous posts, it’s always important to dress ‘location appropriate’ and stick to the theme of location. For example, I wasn’t about to wear an all-black outfit with a forest background but rather bright and vibrant colours. It’s all about creating an aesthetic that is believable and authentic.

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Lindy Lins Makeup

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