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I don’t really talk much about my relationship because I feel that there are some things that should be left private but I think the time has come to show a little bit more about the man that stands behind me through everything. I practically had to beg Dean to be in this shoot with me and eventually, he came around. In a way, I’m actually quite glad that Dean isn’t really into social media because it gives me time to depart from it when I am in his company. He doesn’t really like taking pictures or being in selfies but it is one of the things I love most about him.

Being in this industry, it’s so important to find someone that understands your lifestyle and is not insecure. I cannot afford to give him my attention all the time and he understands and respects that even though it has taken quite some time but don’t tell him I said that. It has taken some adjustment but he has learned that my phones battery life directly correlates with my mood so he ALWAYS lets me charge my phone first even when my phone is on 73% and his is on 5%. He now makes long sentimental Instagram posts that I secretly wait for. He has also learned that any sort of trip with just us two quickly turns into a photoshoot of some kind and with that being said, his camera skills are now amazing. He has also been patient when I zone out to edit an Instagram picture and pretended to notice the difference between two images that look almost identical but somehow different.

I chose to shoot at Club Mykonos because it represents a lot for our relationship and aesthetically, it just works. We had so much fun even though, at first Dean was a bit shy and awkward. After a while, he got the hang of it and actually started to enjoy it even though he would never admit that to me. Hopefully, he will agree to be in more posts in the future. Did you guys enjoy having him in this post?

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Topshop shoes & crop | Skirt from Cambodia | Edgars denim jacket




Win tickets for you and a friend to an EXCLUSIVE invite-only HAVAIANAS EVENT and a pair of Havaianas. 

You and a friend could be joining myself and many other digital influencers and media at the exclusive invite-only Havaianas annual Summer Party and a pair of Havaianas to get you kick started into Summer!

Steps to enter:

  1. Comment with your email address and a friends email address that you would like to bring along.
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Winner will be announced on the 30th of September 2016 on my Snapchat. The winner will also be emailed to confirm so make sure to leave those email addresses!


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Streets-6 Lindy Lins makeup

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m running a race against myself. I don’t know if this makes me self-absorbed or just self-aware but either way, I find myself to be quite critical of myself at times. I’ve always been the type to compare myself to others. Whether it be other bloggers, friends or woman on the street, I’d find myself reaching for some form of inadequacy that would formulate a reasonable explanation for why I wasn’t good enough. This wasn’t healthy and allowed very little room for self progression. In a way, a healthy dose of comparison is need to give us a push in the right direction. It becomes dangerous when this comparison leads you to believe that you are not worthy or capable of what achieving the person next to you is. I’ve learned that I do have some sort of social and digital influence, so why not use it to spread a message that you can incorporate.

For me, what I decide to put on my back affects my confidence and my mood so whatever I wear, it’s because I genuinely love it and not because it’s a trend and I have to wear it. If you don’t feel comfortable in a particular trend then DON’T wear it because it’s going to end up gathering dust.

About this Look:

I decided to go for an all-black ensemble with a pop of cheeky colour because I think it represents my personality. I’m quite cheeky aren’t I and lately I’ve been feeling just as confident in a pair of sneakers as I would in a pair of heels. Plus, there’s something about having gravity on my side that reels me in on this sneaker trend. If you didn’t know, sneakers has really been on the forefront of every major fashion trend lately and on some runways too. I know what you’re probably thinking – you have to be tall and skinny to rock this trend? WRONG! I am an average height and am definitely not skinny but I feel really comfortable in this trend. Partially because I’ve always kind of been tomboyish in my fashion sense so I didn’t have to step too far out of my comfort zone.

I have also been loving this quilted coat from Zara. It has definitely been an investment piece and has kept me super warm whilst remaining fashionable of course. Paired with my trusted black skinnies and beanie, this outfit left me feeling extremely stylish – well at least I think so. I don’ think you can ever go wrong with an all-black ensemble with a hint of colour and it definitely alludes a sense of mystery.

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Adidas beanie & sneakers, Zara quilted jacket, Topshop jeans

Streets-5  Streets-1

Other Stylish Ways To Wear The Sneaker Trend:


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Bomb-er-1 Lisa Gabriel photography



If you have seen me out recently or most of my videos on Instagram then you would have noticed that I literally LIVE in this bomber jacket. There’s such a ‘keeping it real’ vibe associated with a girl that wears a bomber jacket that I can’t quite explain. Any girl that owns a bomber jacket will wear it until its end.

I would say that I have latched onto this trend more than anything else because the ath-leisure trend has been making its way into my everyday wardrobe and it’s just so darn effortless and what better way to ease into a popular trend than by getting your very own bomber jacket? It’s not hard not find and depending on what you are willing to spend, there is literally a bomber for everyone. It’s incredibly versatile, especially when you are on the go and running errands and not to mention SUPER stylish. If you’re looking to inject some attitude and charm to your look all at once then this is the essential piece for you.

If you’re thinking that this look is a bit too masculine for you then there are bombers in lighter shades and slightly more feminine.


Cotton On                    River Island                  Mr Price

Bomber jackets don’t have to limited to just being casual wear but can easily make an appearance on those special nights out. For example, one could wear a body-con dress, heels and a bomber jacket or skinny jeans, heels, a fitted top and a bomber jacket. The trick is to keep everything else fitted, especially if your bomber jacket is a bit loose. Also, if you choose a bomber jacket with a different material such as satin, it will instantly elevate your look to be more classy and chic. It’s all about what makes you feel sexy and confident at the end of the day so DO YOU BOO! This piece is so versatile that there aren’t really any rules when wearing a bomber. You are allowed to experiment and be brave because you really can’t go wrong.

About this Look:

I decided to go for a more casual street-style look because it’s what I feel most comfortable in and lately I’ve been loving the laid-back look. As a fashion blogger, you forget that you are allowed to be laid-back in your blog posts, you don’t have to be dressed to the nines 24/7. You can feel equally as cool by just wearing something simple. I paired the olive green bomber with white jeans and a white jersey because I wanted to accentuate the jacket as much as I could and not take away from it. I feel this is the perfect ‘college-girl’ look or for the girl on the run that still wants to remain fashionable. I added a playful touch by wearing my blue sneakers from Topshop. I didn’t really feel like being too matchy so I decided to add a playful pop of colour especially since the jacket itself is quite playful.

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Bomb-er-4 (1)


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The Fix backpack & skirt | Steve Madden shoes (last season)| Woolworths jersey (2 seasons ago)


Lindy Lins makeup

WELCOME BACK to my blog! If you are visiting for the first time then thank you for taking the time to visit. If there is anything I have learnt about fashion and style, especially since I have started blogging is that you HAVE to feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. It will help if you purchase items that will provide you with longevity and not just a quick injection of what the latest trends are. Mostly you will find that you purchase items when it is in ‘style’ and then you wear it once and it ends up gathering dust in the back of your closet because after some time, it is no longer relevant right? I have found that most of my pieces that I have recycled from season to season are the most basic items. You can never go wrong with basics, especially if you are an indecisive shopper.

In the very beginning stages on starting my blog, I believed that you had to be so extravagantly different to stand out in this industry which is why that in most cases, the clothes I would wear on my blog, I wouldn’t really wear on the odd day. This made me so dependent on how others perceived me instead of how I perceived myself and most of it had to do with what I was wearing. Instead of my clothes making me more confident, It actually made me more self conscious. You don’t always have to be noticed or receive compliments to feel confident, you just have to know internally that you are beautiful.

Let’s take this outfit for example – This fluffy jersey, I purchased at Woolworths 2 years ago and it’s still relevant because it’s beautifully simplistic and it really does make me feel confident and girly. I paired it with a maroon pleather skirt that I had recently purchased from The Fix. I chose it because I could see myself wearing it in seasons to come and changing it up. In the Summertime, it could be worn with a basic tee and sneakers. I also purchased this rose gold backpack from The Fix because I always love to throw a backpack on when I am feeling playful and it instantly adds some childish charm to my look. Also, rose gold as a colour in general pretty much goes with everything so I don’t think you can really go wrong.

I decided to pair this look in this way because I just wanted to showcase how older items could make a ‘comeback’ and still be relevant. We often have this misconception that because something was bought last season, it is no longer relevant but it is what YOU make of it after all.

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DSC_8221 DSC_8258DSC_8219

Fashion Outfit Photography Street style



Woolworths jacket and knee highs, The Fix dress, River Island boots


Lindy Lins makeup

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again that I’ve never really been one for wearing bold prints because I’ve always kind of been scared of it. So if you have neglected all your bold prints that you bought when you were feeling adventurous but couldn’t quite find the ‘right’ way to wear it – then this post is for you.

I noticed that more and more people have gravitated towards wearing pastels and going for the ‘minimalistic’ look because it does not allow for us to stray too far from our comfort zone which comes quite organically to most and there is nothing wrong with this. This was my thought process too but did you know that some of the biggest names in fashion are throwing on the quirkiest of patterns whether it be for an office look or to an event? I feel it not only adds character to your look but it leaves you somewhat vulnerable because it kind of reveals a portion of your personality or at least your mood of that particular day. I’m not saying that you should go out and buy patterned clothes but if you have a few pieces lying around then why n0t make the most of it?

About this Look

If you’re new to wearing prints then I would suggest easing your way into it before freaking yourself out completely. Start with one key print and go from there but try not to overwhelm the look, especially if you don’t usually wear print. As you go along, you can become more adventurous. For this look, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and SLOWLY transitioned into wearing prints but it wasn’t that hard seeing that my print was a t-shirt dress and was extremely flattering to my body shape. I decided to create the illusion of wearing knee-high boots by just wearing a pair of knee high socks with ankle boots. Then adding the military jacket for that extra flair. I feel any sort of knee-high can pretty much go with any outfit. Foschini has some really nice pairs.

Do’s and Don’ts of  Wearing Prints (for beginners)

DO wear prints that are more flattering for your body shape. For example, if you are more pear-shaped then you can achieve the illusion of a smaller frame by wearing a print on the lower part of your body and wearing a more solid colour on top.

DON’T wear animal print if you genuinely don’t like animal print because chances are that it will just gather dust in your closet.

DO have fun with your look and make sure that you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

DON’T get too carried away and mix too many prints especially if you are a beginner. Try breaking it up with solids for a more co-ordinated look.

DO choose a pattern that you truly love and makes you happy when you look at it. Remember that what you decide to throw on your back, tells a portion of who you are.

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DSC_8168 DSC_8180 DSC_8185

Fashion Outfit Photography



River Island head-piece & Shoes, Gifted dress, Nixon watch


Lisa Gabriel Photography


Don’t you love it when you find a black dress that hugs you in all the right places? Although this dress was gifted to me and I cant remember exactly where it was bought, I just thought that this dress could serve as a template if you are looking to buy a ‘formal’ black dress and I say ‘formal’ because it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn for one specific occasion. However, I decided to dress this look up for a ‘date night’. THIS dress you’ll wear when your man is about to propose and being the inquisitive creature that I am, I will know EXACTLY when that will be.

About This Look

I have literally only worn this dress for this shoot because I have been waiting for the perfect moment to actually wear it. I absolutely LOVE that it is adjustable so if you are big chested or even smaller chested, this dress caters to you. The high slit is also super flattering for my body shape because it allows the fabric to flow which takes the concentration away from my ‘motherly hips’. It’s important to always to remember to dress to your specific body shape and preferences. Like I said, this dress is my dress and my preference and just serves as a template for what you could potentially purchase.

I decided to accessorize with this beautiful neck-piece From Turkey with Love. You can check out the rest of their beautiful collection here. To end off, I thought I would add a playful charm by wearing this pleather head-band and I think it tops the look off perfectly.

Form To The Formal: Tips for wearing a black dress

  1. Typically, one wouldn’t consider this dress when picking a ‘daytime’ look but it can easily adapt to casual-chicness by adding a leather jacket, a big hat and a pair of lace-up ballerina pumps.
  2. This dress is also suitable for a Matric Dance or ‘Prom’ as some of my readers may call it. I think if added with the right accessories, hair, makeup and shoe, a dress like this could be a suitable option if you are not looking to have one made. If I could go back in time, I honestly would have spent more time trolling boutiques for that perfect dress instead of having one made but that’s just my opinion. There’s an undeniable character attached to a dress when finding it in an unknown boutique. If you are in Matric and reading this post then my advice would be to have a dress that you can either recreate after or wear again for a special occasion. My Matric dance dress is collecting dust in my cupboard as I am typing this. I just realised that this was a very long tip.
  3. Wear a statement shoe if you’re feeling plain or a playful head-piece.
  4. When choosing a dress, always look for light-weight material so that it is not so stiff and allows for more movement and flow.

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