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Call It Spring sunglasses |Zara tee |Topshop jeans & shoes.



Whilst driving to Mykonos to shoot some new content for my blog, we stumbled upon this beautifully antiqued petrol station and decided to shoot there. This shoot wasn’t planned but that’s why I love it so much. It took me quite some time as a blogger to be fully comfortable in my skin so the fact that I could shoot this look in my most natural state was a great accomplishment for me and let’s face it, the location is pretty sick too.  I love to be comfortable and if you saw me around, then you would have noticed that too. I was quite lucky that my outfit complimented the surroundings in a way that it really brought my outfit to life.

If you are starting out as a blogger or any kind of creative, it’s important to have a team that has the same vision you do. To some, this location might have been a bit too ‘raw’ or unpolished but I am so lucky that my team is not only just a photographer and videographer but they are creatives too. There is a team behind the imagery and videos that you don’t always see. By team I mean my family, boyfriend, sister that acts as my personal assistant hehe, my mother, friends, one of which is my makeup artist and of course my videographer and photographer. Without my followers, I wouldn’t be as driven to keep creating the content and making you happy is what inspires me the most.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

dsc_9618  dsc_9654

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Bomb-er-1 Lisa Gabriel photography



If you have seen me out recently or most of my videos on Instagram then you would have noticed that I literally LIVE in this bomber jacket. There’s such a ‘keeping it real’ vibe associated with a girl that wears a bomber jacket that I can’t quite explain. Any girl that owns a bomber jacket will wear it until its end.

I would say that I have latched onto this trend more than anything else because the ath-leisure trend has been making its way into my everyday wardrobe and it’s just so darn effortless and what better way to ease into a popular trend than by getting your very own bomber jacket? It’s not hard not find and depending on what you are willing to spend, there is literally a bomber for everyone. It’s incredibly versatile, especially when you are on the go and running errands and not to mention SUPER stylish. If you’re looking to inject some attitude and charm to your look all at once then this is the essential piece for you.

If you’re thinking that this look is a bit too masculine for you then there are bombers in lighter shades and slightly more feminine.


Cotton On                    River Island                  Mr Price

Bomber jackets don’t have to limited to just being casual wear but can easily make an appearance on those special nights out. For example, one could wear a body-con dress, heels and a bomber jacket or skinny jeans, heels, a fitted top and a bomber jacket. The trick is to keep everything else fitted, especially if your bomber jacket is a bit loose. Also, if you choose a bomber jacket with a different material such as satin, it will instantly elevate your look to be more classy and chic. It’s all about what makes you feel sexy and confident at the end of the day so DO YOU BOO! This piece is so versatile that there aren’t really any rules when wearing a bomber. You are allowed to experiment and be brave because you really can’t go wrong.

About this Look:

I decided to go for a more casual street-style look because it’s what I feel most comfortable in and lately I’ve been loving the laid-back look. As a fashion blogger, you forget that you are allowed to be laid-back in your blog posts, you don’t have to be dressed to the nines 24/7. You can feel equally as cool by just wearing something simple. I paired the olive green bomber with white jeans and a white jersey because I wanted to accentuate the jacket as much as I could and not take away from it. I feel this is the perfect ‘college-girl’ look or for the girl on the run that still wants to remain fashionable. I added a playful touch by wearing my blue sneakers from Topshop. I didn’t really feel like being too matchy so I decided to add a playful pop of colour especially since the jacket itself is quite playful.

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Bomb-er-4 (1)


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Topshop jacket & belt, Spree dress (not sure of the brand), Queenspark boots


Lisa Gabriel photography


Lindy Lins makeup

The past two months has been quite the blur for me because everything has been happening so fast that I forget to breath sometimes. Not so long ago, I was just another blogger in Cape Town looking from the outside in. I know that when you are in that position it may seem like those on the inside have it all going on but the truth is, I am STILL finding my way and I learn something new everyday.

The most interesting thing that I have noticed is that even though I stuck to a certain formulae that is associated with bloggers, I found that I wasn’t really being true to myself or brand. I tried to be like everyone else but as soon as I let go and started to be myself, people appreciated it so much more. I started to feel more connected to my followers instead of just posting something and hoping it would generate some sort of attention that would enhance my validity and secure my spot as a ‘blogger’. At the end of the day, I am trying my best to be authentic and open so that there isn’t a wall between me and my followers but rather an open line of communication in a public space where we all just exist as people that have a love for similar things.

There are so many bloggers that I have and still look up to because they are a part of the reason why I started doing what I do. The mistake people make is by comparing us and not realizing that we are all individuals just sharing what we love through our own interpretation and if you can relate then cool and if not then you will find someone that you can relate to. So.. my advice if you are looking to start a blog and you feel that you are not good enough or your content won’t be interesting then you really need to start believing in yourself because EVERYTHING in life begins with you. You have to believe that you are capable of greater things and always remain humble because it can all be taken away in an instant.

About this look:

To be honest, when I first bought this jacket, I was more drawn to the bright yellow colour more than its practicality. However, I have found that I reach for this jacket more than I would any other. This jacket literally has the ability to brighten my day because it is so playful and youthful. Somewhere along the way, I started to wear less bright colours but as mentioned in my previous posts, if you are scared of wearing colours then just try wearing it in small doses.

I decided to pair this bright yellow jacket with an all black ensemble simply because I feel the jacket speaks volumes on its own. I wore the belt on the outside of my jacket because I wanted to create some shape because both the jacket and dress are quite shapeless. These classic buckled belts have really been trending lately and can pull any outfit together beautifully.

I have also been living in these rain- boots from Queenspark because they literally go with EVERYTHING and they are so comfortable. I was so tempted to get one in every colour but I knew that I would have ended up only wearing these boots so I just restricted myself to getting a classic black pair.

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DSC_1044  DSC_1052 DSC_1058


Triumph has recently introduced their new Magic Wire bra and they have been kind enough to let me give one to one of my lucky readers! Ladies! If you are looking for the support of a wired bra without the discomfort of a wire then you want to enter this giveaway! It does this by combining the latest underwire technology with fashionable design and second skin comfort. I am wearing my one right now and let me tell you, it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing a bra.

All you have to do is.. 

  1. LIKE the Triumph Facebook page here
  2. Answer the following question by commenting on this blog post along with your email address or commenting on the Triumph Facebook page  – What makes this bra so comfortable?
  3. Winner to be announced on Wednesday the 27th of July 2016 at 10am on this blog post!
  4. All entrants must reside in South Africa.

It’s as easy as that! GOODLUCK!



Congrats Kim and I will be in touch shortly! Thank you to all the ladies that entered!



Fashion Outfit Outfit Photography



Topshop skirt & top| Steve Madden boots| Woolies coat


Lindy Lins makeup

Who says we have to say goodbye to our Summer faves in Winter? Fortunately, Cape Town has been quite generous lately with the amount of sun rays she lets in so it’s easy to include your summer faves to your outfit. However, it wont be as easy as Winter starts to settle. If you’re looking to include some of your favourite Summer items into your everyday look then you’ve come to the right place.

About This Look

I have fallen inlove with this leopard print skirt over and over again. It’s the perfect print and fabric that can be worn in any season. The fabric is quite thick so if paired with stockings and knee high boots for the colder days, then this skirt has a charming duality that it hard to find when purchasing a skirt in general. This was quite a sunny day when these images were taken but there was still a chilly breeze so I decided to pair this look with a light-weight trench coat but you could always pair it with a thicker coat if you needed to. I feel every girl should invest in a good pair of thigh-high boots because it can literally turn any outfit into a stunner. If you are not as adventurous when it comes to your fashion sense then go for the classics and get a black or tan pair.

I’ve transitioned my look by wearing my thigh-high boots and trench coat. What is your take on the perfect transitional outfit?

Dos and Don’ts of transitioning from season to season

DO wear your fave summer dress with opaque tights, booties and maybe a leather jacket and a scarf. You can never go wrong with pairing your fave Summer items with key Winter pieces such as a leather jacket and tights.


DON’T overdo it. Whilst accessorizing is fun,  try not to overdo it and look like you’re trying ‘too’ hard. I’d say that accessorizing is a bit harder in Winter than it is in Summer because you are layering much more than you would so keep it at a minimal.

DO invest in a quality knit scarf and beanie/hat. You will be surprised at how these items can change your entire look whilst having  purpose and keeping you warm. It’s the perfect accessory. You can carry your hat over from season to season and even use it as the perfect weapon to cover up those bad hair days. A fun beanie can also add so much dimension to your look.


DON’T bare a constant midriff. Whilst us Capetonians LOVE our crop tops – maybe its best we keep it to a Summer trend but if you love the crop then try layering it with other items so that you do not look as bare.

DO wear your favourite jersey dress with thigh-high boots. You can just as easily wear a light-weight jersey dress in Winter as you would in Summer. Just add a leather/coat jacket and a beanie and you’re good to go.

Winter5 winter7

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DSC_8055DSC_8035 DSC_8042

Fashion Outfit Outfit Photography



River Island Coat, Topshop Crop&Jeans, Woolies shoes.


Lindy Lins Makeup

Who says Winter fashion has to be all doom and gloom? Winter is actually one of my favourite seasons and I’m so eager for it to arrive. There’s just something about being all snuggled up with hot chocolate that excites me – I guess it’s the way we can kind of laze around with a thick pair of wooly socks and have large amounts of dairy without really feeling guilty. Safe to say that carbs becomes a viable part of your diet once again because how can one have soup without mamas dumplings? But be careful, we can’t end up looking like a dumpling come Summer. I know it’s not Winter yet but it might as well be in Cape Town because it gets absolutely FREEZING at times!

About This Look

Wearing all-white can sometimes feel like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. I decided to layer this look with one of my favourite jackets from River Island. It has some cheeky touches of suede which I LOVE! It just made it super easy to wear all-white because of the texturing elements of the jacket and this otherwise ‘simple’ and ‘plain’ look suddenly adopts a level of depth. The faux fur is detachable so if you’re worried about looking like a diva, then you can just remove it but I personally love the pop of fur because it kind of strays away from the norm. Then just adding a crisp white crop-top with white jeans adds an undeniable chicness to this look. There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin and completely disregarding the notion that one must be FULLY covered up in Winter. Luckily in Cape Town, there will be the odd days in which we can get away with this and plus this coat is super warm. Let’s face it, us Capetonians refuse to let the crop top go – even in the cold! We will find a way to make it work. Long live the crop top!

Tips On How To Wear Winter White RIGHT in Winter. 

  • Layer! By layering to all-white ensembles, it will create more depth and not look flat.
  • Balance your look. For example, in this look, I am wearing cream and white. Another way to balance is by wearing maybe an oversized knit with a skinny jean.
  • If you’re not comfortable wearing all white then add in some neutrals by maybe wearing a pair of silver or nude shoes.
  • Wearing items of different textures and weights can never go wrong.
  • When wearing all-white, tailored pieces are in many cases, more flattering, especially for my body shape.
  • BE CONFIDENT! I’ve said this before but one can never hear it enough.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

DSC_4725 DSC_4735 DSC_4760

Lookbook Outfit Street style


Topshop jacket, crop and skirt, Nike sneakers


Lindy Lins Makeup



No matter how old you get, it’s important to never let the child in you get lost somewhere between petrol increases and the price of avocados. We will find that as we get older, we tend to dress with less character and this is completely normal as most of our day to day lives does not permit ‘childish’ dressing. We start to take life way too seriously, we forget about the simpler things in life that make us happy and when we begin to embrace our inner child, feelings that were once suppressed become illuminated. Sometimes you will find that if you allow your inner child to surface, your style will gain a unique personality.

About this look

This has been one of my favourite looks so far. It’s so energetic and charismatic that you can’t help but feel whimsical and light on your feet. I’ve been quite the fan of ‘tonal-dressing’ and YES, I just made this phrase up – if it doesn’t already exist. Basically, dressing in a way that all your items are of the same shade or in the same colour spectrum. It’s honestly a lot easier for those who are not as good as matching various items of clothing together that are of different shades and patterns. Of course, the playful and child-like aspect comes into play with this Mickey Mouse crop which I am absolutely in-love with which adds an element of joyful colour to this grey-scale look. Finishing the look off with what I’m sure you have seen in many posts – my Nike sneakers that pretty much transforms any look into that casual-chic look. The entire look, besides the sneakers can be purchased at Topshop. One of my favourite stores!

About this Location

Many people may not know this but when shooting for my blog, finding the location is one of the most time consuming aspects of shooting. It’s not about finding a pretty wall and just shooting there. It’s about suiting a particular look to a certain location. Lisa spotted this beaut of a wall and we thought it would be fitting to shoot this look there and because my look is grey, this added a transition of colour which was the ideal setting for this particular look. It just worked out so amazingly and made the photographs and BTS video that much better. You should definitely spend a little extra time to do your research to find an appropriate location.  This is one thing I’ve always taken pride in when taking my pictures because I want to give my readers quality content.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

DSC_4681 DSC_4711 DSC_4707

Fashion Outfit Outfit Photography



River Island top & bag, Forever New shoes


Lindy Lins Makeup

DSC_2882 When I started blogging, I literally felt like more is MORE! Maybe it’s because I wasn’t fully confident or comfortable with myself yet. I felt that to be a great blogger, your outfits had to completely unattainable and people need to wonder where you got your clothes from but it was exactly the opposite. In fact, I’ve learned that all of the great bloggers share all their secrets and that’s what I’m going to start doing a lot more of. I will start to share fitness tips as well as skincare and makeup routines.

This t-shirt dress is a new favourite that I recently purchased from River Island. I love how subtly charismatic it is and is a statement piece all on its own. It’s hard for me to find a t-shirt dress that suits my figure so when I saw that this one was a bit longer at the back, I was overjoyed. It’s far more flattering for a curvy girl such as myself as opposed to wearing a straight-cut. It also allows for more movement and is far more comfortable and practical when on the move.

About this Look

I decided to accessorize by adding my bag from River Island that kind of matches the style of the t-shirt dress perfectly. Finished the look off with my basic heels from Forever New that pretty much goes with everything and they are super comfortable and practical. I’ve focussed more on buying basics lately because you can always play it up with a statement piece. This look is so versatile and can go from a day at the office to a night out with the girls. Just add a bold lip and you’re good to go. You can also wear this t-shirt with knee-high boots and a leather jacket for the Winter season ahead.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

DSC_2855 DSC_2842

Fashion Outfit Outfit Photography



Lisa Gabriel Photography


Lindy Lins Makeup

The biggest misconception people have when it comes to basics is that it is boring but it is a fast growing trend that combines style with comfort and this is a trend I’ve really taken liking to. The jogger is the perfect basic to add to your ‘must have basic’ list. It is ideal for the off-duty look and has a multi-dimensional aspect to it being practical and stylish. I love that this look has some kind of ‘boyish’ charm to it without losing its femininity by adding a pair of basic strap heels that every girl should have. I love how you can be ‘sloppy’ and still be fashionable at the same time because this look can easily turn into a lounge-worthy outfit. Let’s not forget that joggers are the perfect travelling companion if worn with a comfortable pair of sneakers and you easily throw on a pair of basic strap-heels when you land to arrive in style.

About this look

I decided to pair this plain-cropped tee with a jogger because the blue stripe adds an undeniable charm that would otherwise be absent if I had worn a plain black top. The subtle detail in the top adds character which makes this crop top another basic essential because it adds character to almost every ‘plain’ look. Paired with my strapped heels, this look is instantly elevated to a tasteful street style look.

Top 10 Basic Items Every Girl Should Own

  1. Plain White Tee – This wardrobe essential is a no brainer. Not only is is it versatile but is great for layering in any season.
  2. A Leather/Pleather Jacket – Depending on your preference, every girl should have this basic to dress up our moods and let’s face it, us ladies have a lot of those.
  3. A Stripped Tee – To add a bit of sophistication, a stripped tee is perfect for that effortlessly relaxed,chic and minimalistic look.
  4. Jogger – A jogger is perfect for that slouchy yet fashionable look.
  5. Comfortable Denims – If a woman has a pair of jeans that she feels she looks amazing in then she can truly accomplish anything – need I say more?
  6. A Little Black Dress – This is perfect if you want to look good but don’t have enough time to troll through your wardrobe. It is essential that the cut is right on you and it also provides a clean slate for accessorizing however you want.
  7. Sunglasses – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spending on a quality pair of sunglasses. Aviators are the perfect basic to invest in.
  8. Black Strap Heels – A strap heel can really elevate any look and a comfortable pair is truly essential.
  9. Statement Necklace – Although this isn’t really a ‘basic’, it can help to transform any basic look into a basic look with a little bit of extra flair.
  10. Mens Inspired Watch – This is perfect to throw on with any outfit as it is timeless (excuse the pun) and can be used to casually dress up any outfit up.

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Forever 21 Cropped-Tee, Woolworths Jogger, Forever New Heels

DSC_2957 DSC_2963 DSC_2965 DSC_2976

Lookbook Outfit Street style




Lindy Lins Makeup

For the longest time, I couldn’t wear white denims without feeling a tad bit insecure but this white-denim dungaree from Cotton On is perfect if you want to slowly transition into wearing white denims without jumping right into it. See what I did there? This denim is the right dose of stretch which doesn’t leave it clinging to your thighs and bum which is what most girls are afraid of when purchasing white denims.  If you have been reading my last few blog posts, then you would have noticed that I am a big fan of dungarees. I love how whimsical and comfortable they are and for some reason, if you see a girl in a dungaree, it just screams some sort of minimalistic confidence.

Do White RIGHT – Tips For Rocking White Denims

  • Fit always matters when buying the right pair of white denims. Make sure that it is not too loose or not too tight.
  • Always wear seamless/nude underwear. I have fallen victim to wearing brightly coloured underwear with white denims time and time again.
  • Maintain your white denims by ALWAYS following the instructions on the care label unless you want to end up with a lovely cream denim. I must admit that my mistakes by not following the care label instructions has left me with one very unique pair of cream denims which I love!
  • Always be confident when wearing white denims. If you’re going to constantly be overthinking the width of your thighs and bum in those jeans then rather rock a plaid shirt wrapped around your waist or a trench coat. The transition to white denims isn’t always easy so take it in small steps.
  • If you’re in the changing room and cant decide immediately whether a pair of jeans looks good then rather don’t get it. You will always know immediately if a denim looks good on you or not.

About this look:

I thought I would keep it classic by pairing a stripped-tee bodysuit with this dungaree and instead of opting for a pair of heels, I thought that this dungaree was better suited for a comfortable pair of sneakers and why not break this whole look up with a playful hat which adds the right dose of playfulness to my look. This look is perfect for a day date or if you’re looking to run errands in style and will having you rocking white denims like a pro.

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)

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Lisa Gabriel Photography


River Island hat, Cotton On dungaree, Topshop bodysuit, Nike shoes



Black Is The New Black Lookbook Outfit Street style



Topshop cape & top, River Island leggings, Steve Madden heels


Lisa Gabriel Photogoraphy

I always told myself that I would never be one of those people that wear all-black ensembles on a regular but more often than not, I find myself plucking black items from my closet. Not only is black mysterious but it is extremely sexy.If you’re not comfortable wearing all-black then try colour popping either with a bright lipstick, jewellery or nail polish. Another thing I love about wearing all-black is that you can recycle your items more often than any other colour and actually end up saving money. The days of being ’emo’ when wearing all-black are long gone so instead of thinking that you’re bland if you wear black, embrace your inner fierceness and you never have to worry about going out of style because black is ALWAYS in.

About this look:

These pleather leggings go with EVERYTHING and its versatility is truly endless. I think it’s always good, especially if you have curves such as myself, to throw on a cape and the cape also pulls the whole outfit together. The cape also adds an element of drama which is subtly excused when wearing an all-black outfit, making it appear effortlessly chic. Need I say more?

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Lindy Lins Makeup

DSC_0544 DSC_0546 DSC_0567