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There’s a flamingo on my jeans!





I’ve been really into buying statement jeans lately because it’s so darn easy to pair with simple tops or jerseys and jeans just last so much longer anyway. To be honest, when my mom started adding her own bling and sequence to her jeans and ‘bedazzling’ it, I laughed and she said it’s going to become fashion. What do you know – she was actually right!

I never thought I’d be buying jeans with a massive sequence flamingo on it but here I am. To be honest, I feel a belt would have topped this look off perfectly looking back on the images now. Also, the oversized sleeves have been making WAAAVVES lately and it’s literally everywhere but I’m not complaining. It makes a simple jersey like this one look so much more fashionable and effortless. This cropped one is especially amazing because you can wear a reasonably baggy jeans with it and it will still be flattering because it bares a little midriff. I would recommend that you get yourself a cropped jersey with oversized or bell sleeves because it makes any outfit look amazing and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There’s also a very laid-back spirit associated anything that is oversized and I TRULY believe that only good vibes are spread when wearing oversized clothes because who can truly be angry when you’re comfortable AF and fashionable at the same time? – certainly not me. I wish that I could go fully baggy all the time but to be honest, with my body type, I don’t really feel it flatters me sometimes but when it does, best believe I’ll wear that item of clothing until its last thread!

Zara Jersey & boots | Topshop jeans

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Fashion Outfit Casual






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If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve really been digging the colour pink lately but a very specific shade of pink. I don’t really like bright pink or neon pink but rather a subtle shade of pastel pink. I feel it is a lot more versatile and can be layered beautifully especially with the colder months coming up. Pink can also be quite a tricky colour to pull off because you can very well end up looking like a princess or pack of babaloo bubblegum. With various shades of pastel pink dominating the runway, even if you hated the colour before, you will find that it will slowly start making its way into your wardrobe.

I’ve decided to keep this look quite pastel. If you’re ever in doubt on how to pair pink, I usually pair it with black or pastel. Sometimes it’s nice to pair a texture or shade that you wouldn’t usually associate with that shade. i.e. a pleather/leather jacket with shades of pastel or denim as I have done in the images.

If you’re still feeling too girly by wearing pink then try adding a few menswear accents. You could try wearing a dusty pink dress with a fitted blazer and accessories just to harden the look up a bit. You need to choose a shade that suits your skin tone and always make sure that the cut also flatters your specific body shape.

Topshop Denim jacket | Zara Topshop & pants | Converse shoes

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Fashion Outfit Casual


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I get that Monday is most peoples worst day but for me, it is actually the one day I look forward to. It just represents a new start and a clean slate. For some, we might be starting a diet or fitness plan whilst for others, we might be starting that new job. So here are three reasons why I LOVE Monday and how you could love it too.

  1. Your motivation starts all over again – As the week goes on, we kind of lose motivation along the way but we always say, ‘I’ll start on Monday’.
  2. You gain a clear perspective and set goals.
  3. There’s no point in complaining. If you are going to associate Monday with a negative perception then you are setting the tone for the rest of the week.

So without further ado, Happy Monday folks!

Topshop jacket & jeans, Zara Top.

Tauriq Ajam Visuals (book here)


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Fashion Outfit Casual



H&M Forever Summer! I just know that you will love their new range as much as I do!

This boob-tube bikini top is so comfortable because it doesn’t move out of place. I always worried about it falling down because it doesn’t really offer the support a regular bikini would but its silicone edging ensures that it does not BUDGE! Not to mention that the colour complements every skin tone and the pattern just screams summer.

As you may know, I love my sunglasses and this pair from H&M spoke to my personality in so many ways in that it is fun and vibrant.


We all have those lazy summer days when you literally just want to throw something on and still feel fabulous, well H&M’s throw over dress is just perfect for that. I love that it feels so light on my skin and you can go from the beach to drinks with the girls and just throw on a pair of heels.



This has to be one of my favourite looks from their summer collection simply because it’s so chic and playful. I love its unusual and dreamy pattern and will definitely be added to my summer classic collection.I feel every girl should invest in a good playsuit for summer. The shoes and bag are also from H&M and I chose to pair it with neutral colours because I feel nothing should distract from this amazing playsuit.


I went a bit basic with this HMForeverSummer look but not in a bad way. It’s so hard to find a good denim shorts that flatters my body shape and I find that with this retro-styled shorts, it hugs my curves in all the right places. Its stretchy fabric makes it so easy to slide into. I paired it with a super simple tank top because I am a strong believer in that basic white tee to compliment just about any outfit.


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You have to be familiar with the off-the-shoulder trend by now because it has literally been the staple of this summers fashion trend. It’s so whimsical and flirty without being too ‘out there’ Anyone can pull this look off and feel super stylish in it. Ideally, I would wear this dress to a date night but it is just as easy to dress it down and wear it to the beach. It all depends on you and that’s what I love about this dress in that it is so versatile and charming.



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