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Hisense has just dropped this new android smartphone in South Africa. The Hisense Elegance is truly the ultimate accessory and I am so so excited to tell you a little bit more about this device. As some of you may have seen, I attended their amazing launch in Johannesburg a few weeks ago where we were briefed on these new smartphones and I was pleasantly surprised at how innovative and consumer friendly they are. I couldn’t wait to unbox it and try it out for myself and I found myself reaching for it when I wanted to take a selfie or capture a moment. I’d also listen to music on my frequent strolls on the Seapoint promenade. It looks sexy and sleek and definitely goes with any outfit of mine.

Some cool features:

  • This phone is 4G enabled which is amazing for me because I am constantly loading videos and pictures on my social media sites so this device makes it a bit more pleasant.
  •  It also has a sandblasted aluminium design which just means that although this device is lightweight and sleek, it is also strong and durable.
  • One my fave features is that it has fingerprint recognition conveniently located at the back of the device which is so practical. It unlocks in under a second and caters up to five different fingers.
  •  I also love that it has a data saving mode feature which allows you to save 50% of your data whilst not compromising the quality of the video – that’s amazing! You really are getting the best of both worlds.
  • It has a 5.5-inch full HD display that exhibits 400 pixels per inch. In other words, it’s super clear!
  • It has amazing camera quality and as a blogger, that is always super important. It has a 13MP camera on the back and a 5MP camera in the front with a 0.1 millisecond shutter speed. Do you have any idea how fast that is!
  • It comes with different modes such as beauty, night and professional as well as HDR modes. How Innovative?
  • It has 32GB storage on board and 3GB of RAM and if this is not enough, then this device does have a microSD slot that can cater for up to 128GB of additional memory. This SD slot can also be used to store an additional SIM slot.
  • The battery on this phone is amazing and I find that I don’t have to charge it twice throughout the day and is equipped with battery saving mode. When the phone hits 15% then the phone automatically closes any unnecessary applications.

I could go on and on but I thought I’d leave you with some of the key features that I have grown to absolutely love!

How to Enter:

  1. Post a picture of yourself on Instagram with your favourite accessory and include the hashtags #UltimateAccessory #UltimateElegance #BirdlineElegance and also include the Hisense Instagram handle – @HisenseSA
  2. Follow @HisenseSA on Instagram.
  3. The winner will be announced on Thursday the 17th of November at 7am and the phone will be sent to you.

It’s as simple as that! Goodluck!


P.S. Some of you may have been confused as you did not see the notice announcing that the winner will be announced on the 17th at 7am. I do apologize.




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Topshop jacket & belt, Spree dress (not sure of the brand), Queenspark boots


Lisa Gabriel photography


Lindy Lins makeup

The past two months has been quite the blur for me because everything has been happening so fast that I forget to breath sometimes. Not so long ago, I was just another blogger in Cape Town looking from the outside in. I know that when you are in that position it may seem like those on the inside have it all going on but the truth is, I am STILL finding my way and I learn something new everyday.

The most interesting thing that I have noticed is that even though I stuck to a certain formulae that is associated with bloggers, I found that I wasn’t really being true to myself or brand. I tried to be like everyone else but as soon as I let go and started to be myself, people appreciated it so much more. I started to feel more connected to my followers instead of just posting something and hoping it would generate some sort of attention that would enhance my validity and secure my spot as a ‘blogger’. At the end of the day, I am trying my best to be authentic and open so that there isn’t a wall between me and my followers but rather an open line of communication in a public space where we all just exist as people that have a love for similar things.

There are so many bloggers that I have and still look up to because they are a part of the reason why I started doing what I do. The mistake people make is by comparing us and not realizing that we are all individuals just sharing what we love through our own interpretation and if you can relate then cool and if not then you will find someone that you can relate to. So.. my advice if you are looking to start a blog and you feel that you are not good enough or your content won’t be interesting then you really need to start believing in yourself because EVERYTHING in life begins with you. You have to believe that you are capable of greater things and always remain humble because it can all be taken away in an instant.

About this look:

To be honest, when I first bought this jacket, I was more drawn to the bright yellow colour more than its practicality. However, I have found that I reach for this jacket more than I would any other. This jacket literally has the ability to brighten my day because it is so playful and youthful. Somewhere along the way, I started to wear less bright colours but as mentioned in my previous posts, if you are scared of wearing colours then just try wearing it in small doses.

I decided to pair this bright yellow jacket with an all black ensemble simply because I feel the jacket speaks volumes on its own. I wore the belt on the outside of my jacket because I wanted to create some shape because both the jacket and dress are quite shapeless. These classic buckled belts have really been trending lately and can pull any outfit together beautifully.

I have also been living in these rain- boots from Queenspark because they literally go with EVERYTHING and they are so comfortable. I was so tempted to get one in every colour but I knew that I would have ended up only wearing these boots so I just restricted myself to getting a classic black pair.

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Triumph has recently introduced their new Magic Wire bra and they have been kind enough to let me give one to one of my lucky readers! Ladies! If you are looking for the support of a wired bra without the discomfort of a wire then you want to enter this giveaway! It does this by combining the latest underwire technology with fashionable design and second skin comfort. I am wearing my one right now and let me tell you, it doesn’t even feel like I am wearing a bra.

All you have to do is.. 

  1. LIKE the Triumph Facebook page here
  2. Answer the following question by commenting on this blog post along with your email address or commenting on the Triumph Facebook page  – What makes this bra so comfortable?
  3. Winner to be announced on Wednesday the 27th of July 2016 at 10am on this blog post!
  4. All entrants must reside in South Africa.

It’s as easy as that! GOODLUCK!



Congrats Kim and I will be in touch shortly! Thank you to all the ladies that entered!