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There’s a flamingo on my jeans!





I’ve been really into buying statement jeans lately because it’s so darn easy to pair with simple tops or jerseys and jeans just last so much longer anyway. To be honest, when my mom started adding her own bling and sequence to her jeans and ‘bedazzling’ it, I laughed and she said it’s going to become fashion. What do you know – she was actually right!

I never thought I’d be buying jeans with a massive sequence flamingo on it but here I am. To be honest, I feel a belt would have topped this look off perfectly looking back on the images now. Also, the oversized sleeves have been making WAAAVVES lately and it’s literally everywhere but I’m not complaining. It makes a simple jersey like this one look so much more fashionable and effortless. This cropped one is especially amazing because you can wear a reasonably baggy jeans with it and it will still be flattering because it bares a little midriff. I would recommend that you get yourself a cropped jersey with oversized or bell sleeves because it makes any outfit look amazing and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There’s also a very laid-back spirit associated anything that is oversized and I TRULY believe that only good vibes are spread when wearing oversized clothes because who can truly be angry when you’re comfortable AF and fashionable at the same time? – certainly not me. I wish that I could go fully baggy all the time but to be honest, with my body type, I don’t really feel it flatters me sometimes but when it does, best believe I’ll wear that item of clothing until its last thread!

Zara Jersey & boots | Topshop jeans

Tauriq Ajam Visuals (






Fashion Outfit Casual






TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1519 (1)

TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1523 (1)

TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1544 (1)

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve really been digging the colour pink lately but a very specific shade of pink. I don’t really like bright pink or neon pink but rather a subtle shade of pastel pink. I feel it is a lot more versatile and can be layered beautifully especially with the colder months coming up. Pink can also be quite a tricky colour to pull off because you can very well end up looking like a princess or pack of babaloo bubblegum. With various shades of pastel pink dominating the runway, even if you hated the colour before, you will find that it will slowly start making its way into your wardrobe.

I’ve decided to keep this look quite pastel. If you’re ever in doubt on how to pair pink, I usually pair it with black or pastel. Sometimes it’s nice to pair a texture or shade that you wouldn’t usually associate with that shade. i.e. a pleather/leather jacket with shades of pastel or denim as I have done in the images.

If you’re still feeling too girly by wearing pink then try adding a few menswear accents. You could try wearing a dusty pink dress with a fitted blazer and accessories just to harden the look up a bit. You need to choose a shade that suits your skin tone and always make sure that the cut also flatters your specific body shape.

Topshop Denim jacket | Zara Topshop & pants | Converse shoes

Tauriq Ajam visuals (book here)

TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1571 (1)


TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1600 (1)

TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1605 (1)

TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-1613 (1)

Health and Fitness Recipies


When we think about being ‘healthier’, we associate some sort of effort with it and a drastic change in lifestyle. Although it is a change in lifestyle, it is also a change in mindset and day-to-day habits that has led you to believe that you are not living as healthy as you could be. For me, when I think about being healthy, I associate it with much more than what goes into my body but what I project onto the world too. You see, if you project positivity, the likelihood of you receiving it back is greater than if you were to project negativity.

When looking to gain a healthy lifestyle, you have to look at your own personal life and choices because my approach may not be the same to yours and that’s okay. So, I’m going to share four ways I plan to stay healthy!

  1. Eat breakfast!

I was never really one for breakfast and that would usually affect my entire day. It boosts your metabolism and for me, helps to subside some of my sweet tooth cravings.I really want to get into the habit of having a good breakfast each and every morning! For breakfast, I usually go for a nice full bowel of ingredients consisting of nuts, rolled oats, wheat flakes and raisins. I usually have far less yoghurt than in the image, but hey! I had to take a cool pic for you guys! As you guys can see, I used four key ingredients for my breakfast. Can you see the pun? I want to find more healthy and yummy breakfasts that I can incorporate into my daily routine so that it doesn’t feel structured because we usually associate diets with that of structure.

2. Doing what you love or find a hobby. 

I am so lucky to be doing what I love but if you have a job that doesn’t allow for much creative stimulation then you should do that just to keep your sanity. For me, I am going to try and focus more on my photography and taking more creative images. I’ve always loved photography and it goes hand in hand with my career so that’s always a bonus!

3. Exercise. 

For some of us, this is the last thing we want to be doing but start off in light doses. Maybe go for a walk on the beach or take advantage of that first free trial class to that yoga class and see if its something you would be in to. For me, I would like to focus on my running so I have entered a half marathon and I want to beat my previous record. When starting something, it’s always good to give yourself a goal. I have given myself a goal because it’s easier motivation.

4. Quality time with the RIGHT people.

I’ve always liked to surround myself with positive people because it definitely affects your progress in life. Sometimes we don’t realize that people are toxic but this is so damaging to your mental health and can impact the way you think and your habits that you adopt. Never surround yourself with people that bring you down or belittle your aspirations so I am definitely lucky to have the best people and I want to continue to attract positive people into my life. It’s easier to achieve your goals when you surround yourself with people who have a similar positive mindset to you.


You can win a pair of running shoes, a Fitbit and an Alpen Muesli hamper with Alpen Muesli!

How to Enter:

1. Comment on my Instagram post and name the four ingredients you are going to use to be a healthier you! For example: exercising, reading etc. It really is up to you!

2. Use the hashtag #MindMuesli


A winner will be chosen on the 18th of May and will be announced via my Instastory.






Mother’s Day Giveaway!


As you guys might have gathered, my mom is by no means a ‘normal’ mom. In fact, she can be quite outrageous at times, as some of you might have seen in my videos. She says what she thinks and that’s what makes her so endearing.

Right now, I am in the Philippines with my mom and she has said the most outrageous things so far! From wanting to explore at midnight and calling me boring for not wanting to go on the adventure with her, to daring me to eat some of the local delicacies. I don’t think I really have to mention all the unexpected things she says because you guys see this on a daily basis. Lol

So I have partnered up with The Foschini Group (TFG) to give you the opportunities to spoil your mom with their amazing gift cards this Mother’s Day because surely, my mom can’t be the only crazy one and I want to know about your moms and the outrageous things they say!

Here’s what you need to know.

There are 2 competitions that will run from the today to the 10th of May that you can enter and stand a CHANCE TO WIN!

TFG Facebook Giveaway:

  • 2 x TFG gift cards will be given away everyday for 10 days on the TFG Facebook page

How to enter:

  • Post your own video, photo or comments on why your mom is outrageous.
  • All entries to be made in the COMMENTS section of the completion post on TFG’s page.
  • You need to use the hashtag #TFGSpoilsMom in your post to qualify.

My Instagram Giveaway:

I will give away 10 x R500 TFG gift cards to 10 lucky entrants on the 10th of May PLUS an additional R2500 gift card to an 11th winner.

How to enter:

  • Comment on my Instagram post about the outrageous things your mom says or does.
  • Use the hashtag #TFGSpoilsMom to qualify.

It’s literally as easy as that!

Side Note:

If you are a TFG rewards customer that loves Sorbet like I do then you can benefit too!

Here’s what you need to know.

  • The first 500 TFG Rewards Customers to buy a TFG gift card valued at R500 or more will get a voucher from Sorbet to the value of R110.

So if you don’t win anything from the competitions then you can always buy your mom a R500 TFG gift card for Mother’s Day – she will get to shop at over 20 stores or online at – and you get to treat yourself to something at Sorbet


From us to you <3


Fashion Outfit Photography


Tigers milk-1 Tigers milk-3

There’s always that awkward phase where Cape Town actually doesn’t know what it wants to be so we are forced to dress accordingly but it doesn’t mean we have to be a hot mess while doing so. I have really been loving oversized jerseys lately and have collected so many different styles over the past few weeks. In fact, I have been loving oversized in general whether it be tees or pants, it’s just been working for me! You could also pair this jersey with an embellished skirt or pair of jeans and it would give off that casually-chic vibe because we never want to seem like we’re trying TOO hard right? If the jersey is long enough, you could wear it as a dress on its own. The possibilities are truly endless!

Also can we just talk about how super long these wedges makes my legs look? For me, when I buy a shoe, I always see if they flatter my legs first and if they don’t then it’s a no from me. It’s very hard for me to find a nice shoe and I’m super fussy because if they come too high past my ankle then my legs look really short so I find that not only does this wedge have a thick platform which gives me extra height but I can adjust just how high or low I want the shoe to be. Always make sure that your shoe is the right fit for your body type!

By now you guys obviously know that this skirt is LIFE! I’ve worn it so many times already in so many different ways and I’ll keep wearing it for as long as I can. Both the skirt and the jersey are both amazing transitional pieces and to be honest, who doesn’t want to get their moneys worth when they are buying clothes?

About this Location

This is honestly the best location ever to take pictures! There are so many different corners with so much character and the food is amazing too. The lighting is perfect for both phones and cameras. It took me a while to spot good locations but I feel that as a blogger, it’s important to know where all the good spots are so I really don’t mind sharing it with you guys.

Zara jersey | River Island skirt | Steve Madden shoes

Location : Tigers Milk, Century City

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)


Tigers milk-2

Tigers milk-4 Tigers milk-5

Fashion Outfit Photography


Mui mui-1 Mui mui-2 Mui mui-3

Yep you guessed it, I am obsessing over my Miu Miu sunnies! I love that they are almost dome-shaped and protrude outward – I think it’s quite unusual. Also, can we take a second to say goodbye to the warmer days and cute outfits like this – Although I will try and find a way to recreate it in the colder seasons. Would you guys wanna see that?

All of you guys have been asking if I am growing my hair and YES I AM! However, I don’t want to grow it too long, maybe just a bob so it’s safe to say that my hair is at that awkward ass length now but I’m trying to find a way to make it work. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen this silver number a few times. I just love that it’s so so dynamic and you can literally wear it on its own or switch up the tees underneath. Maybe for Winter, I could pair it up with a poler-neck underneath and a pair of stockings, who knows, we shall see!

I’m so sorry that this post is a bit shorter than usual. I wasn’t going to post today but then decided to surprise you guys!

Zara dress and tee | Steve Madden boots | Miu Miu sunnies

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)

Mui mui-4 Mui mui-5 Mui mui-6

Check out my latest video!

Fashion Outfit Casual


TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3311 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3505 TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3568.jpg

I get that Monday is most peoples worst day but for me, it is actually the one day I look forward to. It just represents a new start and a clean slate. For some, we might be starting a diet or fitness plan whilst for others, we might be starting that new job. So here are three reasons why I LOVE Monday and how you could love it too.

  1. Your motivation starts all over again – As the week goes on, we kind of lose motivation along the way but we always say, ‘I’ll start on Monday’.
  2. You gain a clear perspective and set goals.
  3. There’s no point in complaining. If you are going to associate Monday with a negative perception then you are setting the tone for the rest of the week.

So without further ado, Happy Monday folks!

Topshop jacket & jeans, Zara Top.

Tauriq Ajam Visuals (book here)


TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3573.jpg TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3574.jpg TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3580.jpg TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3608.jpg TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3625.jpg TauriqAjamVisuals-2017-3627.jpg

Fashion Outfit Photography Personal Goals


Civic Centre-1 (1) Civic Centre-2 Civic Centre-3

Have you ever felt like your dreams were TOO big? Yea, I know the feeling. Honestly, If you told me a year ago that I would be  where I am today then I would have never believed you. However, if you were to tell me where I might be in a year from now, then I might just believe you. What changed? Seeing is believing – that’s what. I had to witness what I was truly capable of to say that I can accomplish ANYTHING I put my mind to and the same applies to you.

So fitting to this post, I thought I would list some of the things that I NEVER thought I could accomplish but I did and PLEEEASE feel free to do the same by commenting on this post. I’d love for us all to inspire each other and look to each other for some source of motivation because I am sure there are some of us that just need a little push in the right direction.

  • I never thought I could run marathons.
  • I never thought I could do public speaking.
  • I never thought I would be good at makeup.
  • I never thought I would move out of my moms house so young and be independent.
  • I never thought I would be as dedicated to gym and fitness as I currently am.
  • I never thought I would be in magazines.
  • I never thought I could have the courage to break up with a toxic friend.
  • I never thought I would still be alive after pranking my mom so much! haha

Topshop top & pants | Steve Madden heels | Ray-Ban sunnies

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)

Lindy Lins Makeup (book here)

Civic Centre-4

Civic Centre-5 Civic Centre-6



Fashion Outfit Photography


All White-1 All White-2 All White-3

When I started blogging, I never ever thought that I would do a blog post in such a ‘simple’ outfit. I mean why bother doing a full look post in white jeans and a white top? I think that as time goes on, I’m learning to be more comfortable in front of you guys and in this industry, authenticity is key. I know that there are many young girls out there that really want to start their own blogs but feel this pressure to always have to buy new clothes when this isn’t the case. I think it’s important to throw your own interpretation on things because there are many girls that are in the same boat that can’t maybe afford to buy new clothes every single week for an ootd. To be honest, all you really need is a cool location and you can literally wear what you feel comfortable in. You really don’t have to break your pocket.

I could lie and say that I am dressed up every single day but for those of you who have met me, I’m quite chilled most of the time or in an outfit like this one. What I am trying to say is that don’t feel the need to impress anyone if you truly don’t feel comfortable in what you are wearing. I love that this outfit is super functional yet stylish at the same time.

Topshop jacket & jeans | Woolies top | Adidas sneakers

Lisa Gabriel Photography book here)

Lindy Lins Makeup (book here)

All White-4 All White-5 All White-6

Fashion Outfit Photography


Tiger boobs-5Tiger boobs-1

There’s something about grey walls that ignites just about every bloggers senses. We can’t walk past one without taking a photo in front of it and I have to admit that this one sexy grey wall!

As you can see, I chose to be a bit bold with this look in choosing to pair 3 statement pieces together and I think it works quite well don’t you think? Usually, I would say just focus on 1 statement piece and work from there but I was feeling quite adventurous on this particular day. I love the fact that this skirt is asymmetrical as it flatters my frame quite well and I love the beaded detail too. The tiger print top is also one heck of a statement piece in that you can’t even wear a bra with it but it holds quite well surprisingly. I love that the sleeves are a bit longer than a regular tee and the rest was history.

Zara top & skirt | River Island shoes

Lisa Gabriel photography (book here)

Tiger boobs-2

Tiger boobs-3 Tiger boobs-4  Tiger boobs-6