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There’s a flamingo on my jeans!





I’ve been really into buying statement jeans lately because it’s so darn easy to pair with simple tops or jerseys and jeans just last so much longer anyway. To be honest, when my mom started adding her own bling and sequence to her jeans and ‘bedazzling’ it, I laughed and she said it’s going to become fashion. What do you know – she was actually right!

I never thought I’d be buying jeans with a massive sequence flamingo on it but here I am. To be honest, I feel a belt would have topped this look off perfectly looking back on the images now. Also, the oversized sleeves have been making WAAAVVES lately and it’s literally everywhere but I’m not complaining. It makes a simple jersey like this one look so much more fashionable and effortless. This cropped one is especially amazing because you can wear a reasonably baggy jeans with it and it will still be flattering because it bares a little midriff. I would recommend that you get yourself a cropped jersey with oversized or bell sleeves because it makes any outfit look amazing and this trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

There’s also a very laid-back spirit associated anything that is oversized and I TRULY believe that only good vibes are spread when wearing oversized clothes because who can truly be angry when you’re comfortable AF and fashionable at the same time? – certainly not me. I wish that I could go fully baggy all the time but to be honest, with my body type, I don’t really feel it flatters me sometimes but when it does, best believe I’ll wear that item of clothing until its last thread!

Zara Jersey & boots | Topshop jeans

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