Mother’s Day Giveaway!


As you guys might have gathered, my mom is by no means a ‘normal’ mom. In fact, she can be quite outrageous at times, as some of you might have seen in my videos. She says what she thinks and that’s what makes her so endearing.

Right now, I am in the Philippines with my mom and she has said the most outrageous things so far! From wanting to explore at midnight and calling me boring for not wanting to go on the adventure with her, to daring me to eat some of the local delicacies. I don’t think I really have to mention all the unexpected things she says because you guys see this on a daily basis. Lol

So I have partnered up with The Foschini Group (TFG) to give you the opportunities to spoil your mom with their amazing gift cards this Mother’s Day because surely, my mom can’t be the only crazy one and I want to know about your moms and the outrageous things they say!

Here’s what you need to know.

There are 2 competitions that will run from the today to the 10th of May that you can enter and stand a CHANCE TO WIN!

TFG Facebook Giveaway:

  • 2 x TFG gift cards will be given away everyday for 10 days on the TFG Facebook page

How to enter:

  • Post your own video, photo or comments on why your mom is outrageous.
  • All entries to be made in the COMMENTS section of the completion post on TFG’s page.
  • You need to use the hashtag #TFGSpoilsMom in your post to qualify.

My Instagram Giveaway:

I will give away 10 x R500 TFG gift cards to 10 lucky entrants on the 10th of May PLUS an additional R2500 gift card to an 11th winner.

How to enter:

  • Comment on my Instagram post about the outrageous things your mom says or does.
  • Use the hashtag #TFGSpoilsMom to qualify.

It’s literally as easy as that!

Side Note:

If you are a TFG rewards customer that loves Sorbet like I do then you can benefit too!

Here’s what you need to know.

  • The first 500 TFG Rewards Customers to buy a TFG gift card valued at R500 or more will get a voucher from Sorbet to the value of R110.

So if you don’t win anything from the competitions then you can always buy your mom a R500 TFG gift card for Mother’s Day – she will get to shop at over 20 stores or online at tfg.co.za – and you get to treat yourself to something at Sorbet


From us to you <3


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    layla hanslo
    May 6, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    My mom is theee best , she’s like my best friend . Shes one who speaks her mind too ?it’s quite funny at times , but serious too. I always say she’s one of a kind , because I’ve never met any on like her , she the strongest, most adventurous, funniest, active ,caring, honest , mind blowing and pure person I’ve ever met ! Shes one who wants to protect those who are not protected and i admire this from her … I would love to get her this for a mother’s day gift as . She deserves it , but I bet she’s not the only mom out there who deserves it . There are so many cool moms , who would love to get this from their daughter .

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