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There’s always that awkward phase where Cape Town actually doesn’t know what it wants to be so we are forced to dress accordingly but it doesn’t mean we have to be a hot mess while doing so. I have really been loving oversized jerseys lately and have collected so many different styles over the past few weeks. In fact, I have been loving oversized in general whether it be tees or pants, it’s just been working for me! You could also pair this jersey with an embellished skirt or pair of jeans and it would give off that casually-chic vibe because we never want to seem like we’re trying TOO hard right? If the jersey is long enough, you could wear it as a dress on its own. The possibilities are truly endless!

Also can we just talk about how super long these wedges makes my legs look? For me, when I buy a shoe, I always see if they flatter my legs first and if they don’t then it’s a no from me. It’s very hard for me to find a nice shoe and I’m super fussy because if they come too high past my ankle then my legs look really short so I find that not only does this wedge have a thick platform which gives me extra height but I can adjust just how high or low I want the shoe to be. Always make sure that your shoe is the right fit for your body type!

By now you guys obviously know that this skirt is LIFE! I’ve worn it so many times already in so many different ways and I’ll keep wearing it for as long as I can. Both the skirt and the jersey are both amazing transitional pieces and to be honest, who doesn’t want to get their moneys worth when they are buying clothes?

About this Location

This is honestly the best location ever to take pictures! There are so many different corners with so much character and the food is amazing too. The lighting is perfect for both phones and cameras. It took me a while to spot good locations but I feel that as a blogger, it’s important to know where all the good spots are so I really don’t mind sharing it with you guys.

Zara jersey | River Island skirt | Steve Madden shoes

Location : Tigers Milk, Century City

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)


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    April 25, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Hey Nadia
    Your blog is inspiring your latest post shows high volumes of relatable-ness. I’m also from Cape Town and feel that the fashion trends here are inside-the-box. I hail from the Cape Flats and the everyday trend is a Nike golfer top, leggings/chino and a pair of Air Max Jordan’s.

    I also love oversized items in general. I have never purchased anything oversized yet, but I have claimed a oversized checked shirt which was previously owned by my father and I’ve made it versatile for my wardrobe.

    With reference to loving what you do I’m considering becoming a blogger like you –
    probably not above or on your level. Do you have any tips, what blog app I should use, how attract an audience, etc. So far you’ve peaked on social media.



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