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Topshop skirt & top| Steve Madden boots| Woolies coat


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Who says we have to say goodbye to our Summer faves in Winter? Fortunately, Cape Town has been quite generous lately with the amount of sun rays she lets in so it’s easy to include your summer faves to your outfit. However, it wont be as easy as Winter starts to settle. If you’re looking to include some of your favourite Summer items into your everyday look then you’ve come to the right place.

About This Look

I have fallen inlove with this leopard print skirt over and over again. It’s the perfect print and fabric that can be worn in any season. The fabric is quite thick so if paired with stockings and knee high boots for the colder days, then this skirt has a charming duality that it hard to find when purchasing a skirt in general. This was quite a sunny day when these images were taken but there was still a chilly breeze so I decided to pair this look with a light-weight trench coat but you could always pair it with a thicker coat if you needed to. I feel every girl should invest in a good pair of thigh-high boots because it can literally turn any outfit into a stunner. If you are not as adventurous when it comes to your fashion sense then go for the classics and get a black or tan pair.

I’ve transitioned my look by wearing my thigh-high boots and trench coat. What is your take on the perfect transitional outfit?

Dos and Don’ts of transitioning from season to season

DO wear your fave summer dress with opaque tights, booties and maybe a leather jacket and a scarf. You can never go wrong with pairing your fave Summer items with key Winter pieces such as a leather jacket and tights.


DON’T overdo it. Whilst accessorizing is fun,  try not to overdo it and look like you’re trying ‘too’ hard. I’d say that accessorizing is a bit harder in Winter than it is in Summer because you are layering much more than you would so keep it at a minimal.

DO invest in a quality knit scarf and beanie/hat. You will be surprised at how these items can change your entire look whilst having  purpose and keeping you warm. It’s the perfect accessory. You can carry your hat over from season to season and even use it as the perfect weapon to cover up those bad hair days. A fun beanie can also add so much dimension to your look.


DON’T bare a constant midriff. Whilst us Capetonians LOVE our crop tops – maybe its best we keep it to a Summer trend but if you love the crop then try layering it with other items so that you do not look as bare.

DO wear your favourite jersey dress with thigh-high boots. You can just as easily wear a light-weight jersey dress in Winter as you would in Summer. Just add a leather/coat jacket and a beanie and you’re good to go.

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Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)

Lindy Lins makeup (book here)



Lisa Gabriel photography

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    Megon Ambrosini
    June 8, 2016 at 9:14 pm

    Hi Nadia

    I recently started following you on instagram coz I just fell inlove with what you do with clothes…Im not really a fashionista but the way you can change an item.into something so gorg, just blows me (that sounds way to dirty (–_) but I didnt mean it like that) I like to be comfy but still in style and edgy but mostly comfy, Im mumbling now sorry….just wanted to say I love your sense of style and thank you for doing what you do, you definitely inspired me to change up my wardrobe abit.

    Much love

  • Reply
    Candice Lynn Christians
    July 5, 2016 at 7:45 am

    I absolutely love this look Nadia…..slay honey?

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