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River Island head-piece & Shoes, Gifted dress, Nixon watch


Lisa Gabriel Photography


Don’t you love it when you find a black dress that hugs you in all the right places? Although this dress was gifted to me and I cant remember exactly where it was bought, I just thought that this dress could serve as a template if you are looking to buy a ‘formal’ black dress and I say ‘formal’ because it doesn’t necessarily have to be worn for one specific occasion. However, I decided to dress this look up for a ‘date night’. THIS dress you’ll wear when your man is about to propose and being the inquisitive creature that I am, I will know EXACTLY when that will be.

About This Look

I have literally only worn this dress for this shoot because I have been waiting for the perfect moment to actually wear it. I absolutely LOVE that it is adjustable so if you are big chested or even smaller chested, this dress caters to you. The high slit is also super flattering for my body shape because it allows the fabric to flow which takes the concentration away from my ‘motherly hips’. It’s important to always to remember to dress to your specific body shape and preferences. Like I said, this dress is my dress and my preference and just serves as a template for what you could potentially purchase.

I decided to accessorize with this beautiful neck-piece From Turkey with Love. You can check out the rest of their beautiful collection here. To end off, I thought I would add a playful charm by wearing this pleather head-band and I think it tops the look off perfectly.

Form To The Formal: Tips for wearing a black dress

  1. Typically, one wouldn’t consider this dress when picking a ‘daytime’ look but it can easily adapt to casual-chicness by adding a leather jacket, a big hat and a pair of lace-up ballerina pumps.
  2. This dress is also suitable for a Matric Dance or ‘Prom’ as some of my readers may call it. I think if added with the right accessories, hair, makeup and shoe, a dress like this could be a suitable option if you are not looking to have one made. If I could go back in time, I honestly would have spent more time trolling boutiques for that perfect dress instead of having one made but that’s just my opinion. There’s an undeniable character attached to a dress when finding it in an unknown boutique. If you are in Matric and reading this post then my advice would be to have a dress that you can either recreate after or wear again for a special occasion. My Matric dance dress is collecting dust in my cupboard as I am typing this. I just realised that this was a very long tip.
  3. Wear a statement shoe if you’re feeling plain or a playful head-piece.
  4. When choosing a dress, always look for light-weight material so that it is not so stiff and allows for more movement and flow.

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Lindy Lins Makeup

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