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Topshop jacket, crop and skirt, Nike sneakers


Lindy Lins Makeup



No matter how old you get, it’s important to never let the child in you get lost somewhere between petrol increases and the price of avocados. We will find that as we get older, we tend to dress with less character and this is completely normal as most of our day to day lives does not permit ‘childish’ dressing. We start to take life way too seriously, we forget about the simpler things in life that make us happy and when we begin to embrace our inner child, feelings that were once suppressed become illuminated. Sometimes you will find that if you allow your inner child to surface, your style will gain a unique personality.

About this look

This has been one of my favourite looks so far. It’s so energetic and charismatic that you can’t help but feel whimsical and light on your feet. I’ve been quite the fan of ‘tonal-dressing’ and YES, I just made this phrase up – if it doesn’t already exist. Basically, dressing in a way that all your items are of the same shade or in the same colour spectrum. It’s honestly a lot easier for those who are not as good as matching various items of clothing together that are of different shades and patterns. Of course, the playful and child-like aspect comes into play with this Mickey Mouse crop which I am absolutely in-love with which adds an element of joyful colour to this grey-scale look. Finishing the look off with what I’m sure you have seen in many posts – my Nike sneakers that pretty much transforms any look into that casual-chic look. The entire look, besides the sneakers can be purchased at Topshop. One of my favourite stores!

About this Location

Many people may not know this but when shooting for my blog, finding the location is one of the most time consuming aspects of shooting. It’s not about finding a pretty wall and just shooting there. It’s about suiting a particular look to a certain location. Lisa spotted this beaut of a wall and we thought it would be fitting to shoot this look there and because my look is grey, this added a transition of colour which was the ideal setting for this particular look. It just worked out so amazingly and made the photographs and BTS video that much better. You should definitely spend a little extra time to do your research to find an appropriate location.  This is one thing I’ve always taken pride in when taking my pictures because I want to give my readers quality content.

Lindy Lins Makeup (book here)

Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)

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Lisa Gabriel Photography

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