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Witchery Cape, River Island necklace, skirt&boots, Topshop crop

About this look

I think that along with the Cape Town Bipolar weather lately, this outfit is perfect for a reasonably sunny day but you are still prepared if it storms which is likely to happen in Cape Town. I am literally wearing all my favourite purchases and what I love about it is that it can be worn in so many different ways. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would have noticed that I have recycled these items quite a few times. I decided to add this statement necklace because the look is reasonably simple and it matches the detailing of the belt amazingly. I have also been obsessed with my cape from Witchery. The perfect transition piece to Autumn. I think our outfits describe our relationship perfectly, simple with a bit of spice.


Lisa Gabriel Photography

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I don’t think there’s a better feeling than to walk hand in hand with your partner whilst feeling confident in what you’re wearing because as a couple you feed off each others energy instinctively. Let’s face it, everything looks better x2 so why not combine your creative-fashion juices with your significant other? A couple that looks good, feels good TOGETHER. It also creates a different kind of unity that is not of a competitive nature but rather one that continually grows and develops together. The nice thing about dressing fashionable with your partner is that they genuinely want you to look good. There is no underlying agenda that secretly doesn’t want you to look better than them as you would find in some ‘friendships’. If you have a friend that never wants you to look ‘better’ than them then this is not a friend, TRUST.

A true partner would also want you to always look your best and not want to dull your shine in the fear that others will find you appealing. If this is the case then an insecure partner can only lead to unnecessary fights and paranoia. On a side note, I believe that couples can complement eachother but I’ve never been the type to dress exactly like my partner. I think that you can extract some elements from your partners outfit but you should still stand as individuals in your personal style and preferences without eclipsing the other.

If your partner doesn’t really have a sense of style then here a few tips that could help with this ‘situation’.

Fit is Key

Whilst some guys don’t really care too much of the fit of a particular piece of clothing, it can truly make the world of a difference. With guys, it is not so much what you are wearing but more so ‘how’ you are wearing it.

Don’t change him

Whilst you are a fashionista and your man is not. Don’t treat him like a personal project and force him to wear something he is not really comfortable wearing. It’s normal for couples to ask for eachothers opinion when buying clothes so when the opportunity presents itself, instead of demanding what he should buy, rather use your knowledge to give your advice. It’s seldom that your partner will buy something they know you’re not really into because let’s face it, we want to look good for eachother. Naturally, over time he will find his own style along with your help.

Embrace your monster

If it so happens that your guy does find a love for fashion, don’t use this opportunity to become insecure or ask him ‘who he is trying to look good for’. YOU! He is trying to look good for you! So appreciate his efforts when he does try and don’t become jealous or insecure when he does start to take a little more pride in what he wears.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. Please comment if you would like to see more of these posts.

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Lindy Lins Makeup

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