Health and Fitness A Couple of Goals

A Couple of Goals


Dean – Adidas shorts, leggings & trainers, Cotton On hoodie. Nadia – Forever 21 sports bra & legggings, Nike trainers.


Lisa Gabriel Photography

The best part about being in a relationship is that you are never alone when dealing with things. As a couple, you are constantly feeding off each others habits and energy so when starting a new relationship, it’s important to form these positive habits early on. So here are a few tips on how to get started:

Always Do It Together.

If you are in a relationship and you are the only one trying to get fit then the chances are that you’re going to find it really hard, especially if you don’t have a support system that understands your struggle. Do it together because you will probably be more successful in your fitness ventures.

Set Goals. 

It’s easier to start your fitness journey if you actually have a destination. Myself and Dean have entered the Knysna Half Marathon this year and it is exactly 4 months away. I have done it before but I have been out of the running game for quite some time but having a partner that understands your goals and is willing to push you to your limits is always a plus.

Go For ‘Coffee’.

Often, we will enjoy a nice stroll/run on Seapoint promenade knowing that we will enjoy a nice cup of ‘coffee’ after and I put coffee in inverted commas because I’m not really one for coffee but the prospect of spending quality time and looking forward to an aesthetically pleasing cup of ‘something’ is always rewarding. Often, going for ‘coffee’ is always associated with some sort of bond between two people. Don’t ask me why, it just works. Ever wonder that when a catch up between two people is needed, the phrase, ‘let’s just go for coffee’ is always at the forefront of any ice-breaker?

Plan A Photoshoot.

It’s always rewarding to see all your hard work in a photograph. It makes it that much sweeter and constantly reminds you what you are capable of looking like and feel proud of your achievements.

Support One Another. 

It’s always important to remember that you may not always see the results you want but you should continue to support and motivate one another when all else fails.


In most cases, women such as myself are more likely to prefer cardio over strength training but when you are working out with your partner, it is always important to balance and when doing this, you are getting the best of both worlds.In some cases, one partner may be more knowledgable in one field and because of this, you are constantly learning from each other. It also helps you to be open to new kinds of workouts and this variation is always good when working out and seeing results. Myself and Dean LOVE partner exercising. This is when you use each others body to complete an exercise but it’s also important to keep things respectful in public.


Working out with your partner can really assist in developing a deeper bond. Your partner becomes more than a lover but also an observer and motivator. It helps to keep things fresh and exciting and you will find that when it’s time that couples usually enter the comfort zone, your comfort zone will be somewhat of a unique one. Your comfort zone will consist of something that is beneficial to the both of you and you will motivate others to do the same. There is nothing more motivating than to see two lovers getting fit and healthy together hence the popular phrase – ‘couple goals’.

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