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I’ve been going through so many changes lately but then again, change is the one constant thing in life. Some changes we embrace whilst some changes, we fear but things don’t remain the same no matter how much we would like them to. I have always been the type of person to embrace change. Some of you may have noticed that I cut my hair and I can honestly say that it is the most liberating thing I have ever done. It forced me to embrace a beauty I never knew existed before I removed my mask and stepped out of my comfort zone. My style is also always under constant construction. I never stick to one specific style because I believe that in order to evolve, one must be willing to change and that refers to all facets of life.

About this Look:

Along with my new cut, my style has changed slightly. I find myself gearing my attention to the more minimalistic way of dressing and foe me that’s something ‘different’. I’m usually one to be flamboyant and loud with my style but lately, I’ve found that it’s not necessarily  what you wear but how confident you feel when wearing it. I always felt the need to be noticed or the more ‘unusual’ I dressed, the ‘cooler’ I’ll be but secretly, I’d feel uncomfortable. This dress is so cute and perfect for a night out with the girls or can be worn to the office. It’s appropriate for almost every occasion and is very ‘clueless’. I added a bit of edge by throwing on a leather jacket. A good leather jacket can go with almost EVERYTHING! These lace-up block heels adds something extra by just making this look scream minimalistic – chic. I always love a good pair of practical heels because us gals love comfort and these block heels are perfect for the girl that wants to be stylish and comfortable.

Lindy Lins makeup (book here)

Lisa Gabriel photography (book here)


Zara dress & jacket, River Island heels

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