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Shelflife peak, Forever 21 body-suit, Topshop skirt, Sportscene sneakers

I became motivated by these images to write this blog post because when one thinks about Nike, you automatically think, ‘Just Do It’ and with every year that goes by, I feel like I could have accomplished more but I intend to change that this year. The trick is to ALWAYS keep a positive state of mind, even when something shitty happens. This starts by surrounding yourself with those who support your visions and your goals and letting go of those who do nothing but cast a shadow on your light. I like to keep my circles small, not that I’m not open to meeting new people but because I’ve been burned too many times by caring too much about the opinions of others and compromising my personality trying to satisfy others. One of the best ways to work on personal development is to change your outlook on life and over time develop an attitude that is stable and conscious.

I know that some of my readers feel stagnant and are currently in a state of limbo when it comes to progression in their lives. We have all been there and sometimes I feel like I have no clear direction or path or things are moving slowly but when I talk to others, I always get congratulated on my progress. So why don’t I congratulate myself? The trick is to acknowledge your achievements but not congratulate yourself too much because I find that one becomes comfortable, the process of progression takes longer. Stop blaming others for the problem. The natural reaction as human beings when there is a reversal of any kind is to blame someone else. Sometimes you cant control what happens to you but you can control your reaction towards it and when things go south, everyone is watching you to see how you behave and your reaction also determines how people feel about you.

One of the ways in which I have started to take over my mind and my thoughts is to read. I always use to love reading but as social media started to take over, the only thing I have been reading lately are hashtags. Feed your mind and use your imagination. By reading, you gain perspective and the ability to think differently and in doing so, you’re actually feeding your mind something nutritious. To change your life, it all starts with the mind. Just some food for thought.

About this Look:

I’ve always been a sneaker gal and you would know this if you followed my social media accounts in the earlier days. There’s something about sneakers that allow you to be yourself, confident and relaxed. I feel I can accomplish more in a day if I feel comfortable and sneakers always allow me that comfort. These particular pair of sneakers have a thick base so it gives me some height too so when wearing with a pencil skirt, I don’t feel, as I would say, ‘dumpy’. I also love to my match my sneakers with a piece of clothing I’m wearing and in this case, it’s the skirt. Sometimes it can be cheesy to do this but I just find that it ties the whole look together. Paired with a grey NY peak and striped body suit, it creates the ultimate casual-chic look.

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Lindy Lins makeup


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