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Along with the softening of the trees in Summer, I tend to soften my style.Generally, the mood of your surroundings should determine the mood of your style and just like my moods and the seasons that are constantly changing, so is my style. I mean, it’s mother nature after all, we change our moods constantly. I never believe that our style should be stagnant especially if you are a lover of fashion. It’s okay to play around and we’ll eventually figure out what works and what doesn’t.

About the look:

This Kendal and Kylie playsuit from Forever New SA  borders the perfect balance of lady-like and fierce. It’s a statement and is suitable for basically any body type. It’s light-weight and the cut allows you to move comfortably and confidently and as a woman, it’s rare to find clothing that appeals to all your needs. It’s usually a case of, ‘it makes my legs look fat’ or something along those lines. Ladies, you can see the size of my legs so if I feel confident then there’s no excuse for you. I also love that the animal print on this playsuit is blurred and the high-neck cuff adds that extra edge. The fixed waist-band further accentuates the frame and automatically creates an hour-glass frame or the illusion of one at least. I love that you can be silly or serious in this playsuit and ultimately yourself.

Lindy Lins makeup (book here)

Lisa Gabriel photography (book here)


Lisa Gabriel photography


Forever New playsuit & Steve Madden heels

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