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Lindy lins makeup


Strada Chic dress, FromTurkey with Love jewellery, Steve Madden shoes


Have you ever felt like what you wear represents you as a person? We may not all feel this way but I for one do. If you see me on a daily basis then you would know that I don’t really ‘dress up’ on a daily. However, for my blog, I wish to portray a certain version of myself, a version that all of my readers can relate to on a stylish level and somewhat on a personal level. This is why, when we want to portray different versions of ourselves whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, one of the ways in which we do so is in the way we dress. For example, you’re not going to go to a buisness dinner dressed in your sweats, will you?

About this look:

There’s something about my STRADA CHIC dress that encompasses an air of confidence for the girl wearing this dress that screams, ‘she’s going places’. There’s something so effortless about it and that’s the way I designed.  Ultimately, confidence is one of the most important tools a girl can possess and what better way to feel confident and comfortable? If a girl has confidence, she is truly capable of anything. I decided to pair this dress with nude heels because personally, I don’t think that anything should overpower this dress as it is a statement on it’s own. In fact, I have added a bit of edge by adding this MAC lipstick but still keeping it sophisticated by adding these stunning pieces of jewellery from From Turkey with Love. You can visit their website if you would like to purchase any other of their beautiful pieces. Also, the sleek-back look is a first for me, I usually let my hair go with the wind but I feel this look is working for me. What do you think?

Lindy Lins makeup (book here)

Lisa Gabriel photography (book here)

From Turkey with Love (purchase here)

Note: My online store will be available soon but for now, if you would like to pre-order my STRADA CHIC dress then please feel free to pop me an email.

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Lisa Gabriel photography

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    June 19, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Hi there :) such a lover of your blog and brand. Are your dresses still in stock?

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