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Look 1

DSC_8548For this post, I thought I’d share just how you can change your look from the beach to ‘beach chic’. Obviously, this post is exaggerated  in a sense that I won’t look so flawless at the beach but blogs are somewhat an exaggeration is it not? I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be chilling on the beach with a full face of makeup and constantly be in a perfectly upright -photographic position but we do this so that we can give you something visual to identify with. Don’t get me wrong, this transition is achievable with a few key pieces. 

You will need: Look 1

A one-piece costume

A kimono

Sunscreen -SPF 30 if you’re looking to get a ‘safe’ tan

Lip Ice ( with SPF )

Water – It’s important to stay hydrated when spending long hours in the sun

..And obviously other beach essentials such as towels, etc

Essentials will be listed below this post. 

You will need: Look 2

The same one-piece costume

A denim button-up shirt

A skirt

Pair of heels to transition from the beach to ‘beach chic’

Makeup essentials

Hair essentials


About look 1:

There is not much to this look besides this amazing one-piece I picked up from Topshop. Using a kimono as an ‘accessory’ can make more some interesting photographic moments and let’s face it ladies, who wants to go to the beach without snapping a nice picture?

About look 2:

This look can be dressed-up in so many ways but I’ve chosen to colour co-ordinate and accentuate the key element of this look which is the one-piece. When paired with these pieces, it becomes quite difficult to determine whether it is a swimming costume or a regular one-piece which adds to the duality and uniqueness of the one-piece. Finish off the look with some signature From Turkey with Love pieces and you’re good to go.

Lindy Lins makeup: (book here)

Lisa Gabriel photography (book here)

Look 2


DSC_8425 Woolworths denim button-up, Topshop one-piece and skirt, Steve madden heels


Lisa Gabriel photography

DSC_8412 DSC_8421

Look 1 essentials: 


Look 2 essentials:



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