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Woolworths hat, Strada Chic blouse, River Island jeans


For as long as I can remember, Ive always been drawn to the beach. There’s something about the beach that restores faith and removes all thoughts that have matured into something toxic. I’ve been battling myself lately, my own thoughts and my own consciousness but when coming to the beach, my youth feels immortal and that child-like self- confidence is ignited and somewhat restored. Long Beach, Kommetjie is the ultimate surfers paradise and being a amateur surfer myself, I couldn’t help but to be mesmerised by the perfect cylindrical vortexes otherwise known as a ‘tube’.

I’ve learned that patience is paramount and with patience comes faith and self-belief and ultimately, self-worth. In the mean time, find a place that brings you solace and undoubtedly believe in your dreams.  

About this look:

It’s always good to know your location before choosing an outfit and dress accordingly. For this particular look, I chose light colours to suit the mood of the location. My Strada Chic blouse is playful and light. I paired it with a high-waisted jean and a classic panama hat.


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