There’s something about coffee shops that makes you want to whip out your laptop and look professional whilst sipping on that cup of coffee. Why not sit at home and make your own coffee at a much cheaper cost? You see, you are paying for much more than the coffee. You are paying for the ambience, the smell and the satisfaction of getting work done in the public eye. It provides the perfect balance of distraction and silence for you to externalise your thoughts into something concrete.  It has also become somewhat of a ‘fashion statement’. When walking into a coffee shop, you are most likely to see a group of ‘scruffy’, well-dressed sophisticates which are otherwise known as ‘hipsters’. When sitting alone, they are surrounded with an air of ease and for some reason, they make working look ‘fun’. Being in close proximity of these people makes you want to be productive. Needless to say that along with the aroma of coffee beans, lies an unapologetic sense of pretence but it’s the kind of pretence that solidifies your existence and purpose for ‘chilling’ in a coffee shop. One simply cannot go to a coffee shop and sit there for 2 hours with no sense of purpose – this would be considered loitering but with the simple addition of a technological sidekick, you’re ready to go.

Tribe coffee is cleverly constructed around the lifestyle of motorcyclists and  the everyday person just wanting to come and enjoy a cup of coffee. This collaboration is done with such ease that it creates  a sense of community in an otherwise misunderstood and separated section of society.


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