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As stated before in previous posts, I always love to have one statement piece and style my look around that. As you might guessed, the statement piece for this look are these amazingly beautiful sparkly denims. In my previous posts, you may have noticed that I am quite playful in my style and ‘daring’ as some might call it but to me, the looks I compose, I feel any girl can rock. It all depends on how willing you are to step out of your comfort zone. Now, if you are not sure as to what a statement piece would be, it’s usually something that is interesting and it should reflect your personality.

About this look: 

I decided to keep it simple by pairing these jeans with black, simply because I did not want to detract attention from the jeans even though that seems like an impossible task. I’m also really into layering. The key to successful layering and avoiding that ‘bulky look’, make sure that the bottom layer is made of lightweight material. In my case, I have decided to layer with my STRADA CHIC kimono because the material is quite thin and the tassels adds length. Another way in which I added length was by adding my pleater & lace gloves and it instantly becomes clear as to how my arms are elongated. Remember that we are aiming to look chic by layering and not frumpy.

About the shoot:

I have always found trees with no leaves to be undoubtedly beautiful and endearing. I’ve always admired it in still photographs. Maybe it’s because you are able to see their true structure without any excess. I always silently appreciate their beauty because even though they appear to look dead in the harshest weather, their twisted and tangled roots somehow implies that they have a life of their own, far beyond what we can comprehend. Have you ever felt twisted for admiring something that is not meant to be beautiful? Like a broken down warehouse or a wall completely tattooed in graffiti? You are not twisted, you are simply choosing to see the beauty in the struggle and much like the tree, you have to believe that a new season is coming. A tree never doubts that a new season is  coming that will return it to its glorified beauty, it simply waits and deals with the weather even when appearing to be dead. Let your identity be true to your roots, no matter what they are because seasons will change that will cause you to lose your leaves, but this will be your story, a unique and twisted story that is beautiful. Needless to say why I chose this location.

Makeup: Lindy Lins Makeup (book here)

Photographer: Lisa Gabriel Photography (book here)


River Island hat & heels, STRADA CHIC kimono and jacket, Boy London denims, Forever New gloves

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