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I have decided to dedicate this post to my wildly insane love for ice-cream and yes, looking super cool whilst taking a trip to The Creamery is ‘normal’. Although, I am dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, I don’t think there is anything wrong with indulging in some ice-cream now and then right? I wish this were the case for me. When I eat ice-cream, it literally changes my entire mood. When I’m sad or sick, I usually go for the chocolate Cornetto because I get so excited when it comes to the bottom of the cone, that bit of chocolate that tastes like heaven. To be honest, that’s the only reason I buy it and I will never share it.EVER! When I feel nervous or anxious, I like to think of ice-cream as feeding those feelings with sugar.

I know I’m not giving the best nutritional advice but I am sharing my coping mechanisms which I’m sure ALL of us have. Some of us hit the gym (I am NOT one of those people) and some of us, people like me, turn to sugar. If anyone knows of any sufficient substitutes for a sugar freak then please email me.


About the shoot:

 This shoot was so much fun. Myself, Lisa and my sister (an aspring photographer) were driving around looking for a cool place to shoot and stumbled across The Creamery. Being the candid and direct person that I am, I marched into the shop and asked if they minded me doing a shoot there for my blog and the gentleman nodded with a slight laugh and said sure. I then asked for two scoops of the Raspberry Choc-Chip and Cookie Dough flavoured ice-cream. The shop was silent at first and as soon as myself and Lisa started shooting, the cool voice of Bob Marely began to creep into all four corners so basically, it was a lekker vibe.

Tip: We all want that ‘natural looking’ photo but we don’t want it to look forced or fake. Thank goodness for Lisa that managed to capture those moments but there are ways of faking it. If you do happen to laugh naturally, then simply hold it and hopefully your photographer will catch the hint that you’re giving. Alternatively, If I want a ‘laughing’ picture, I will literally laugh and although you may feel like an idiot, trust me, authenticity always reflects in a picture.

About this look:

For this look, I decided to pair my favourite top of all time with a recently purchased ‘mom jean’.  From a personal style standpoint, I like to pair loose tops with with fitted jeans and tuck a bit of the top in front, especially if those jeans aren’t really high-waisted because God blessed me with extra large child-bearing hips, I have to work around them sometimes. I am not complaining because I am thankful for my body but I do believe that you have to dress for your body type. I paired these jeans with platforms to give me some length and eliminate that  ‘dumpy’ feeling especially because I was wearing ‘mom jeans’. Finished it off with a beanie that says, ‘I don’t take life TOO seriously’ and my ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ button-up.

Makeup by: Lindy Lins Makeup

Photography: Lisa Gabriel Photography





Rita Ora Beanie, Unknown Button-up, River Island Jeans, Top Shop Wife-Beater, Top Shop Platforms


Lindy Lins Makeup

_DSC0104 _DSC0075 _DSC0014 _DSC0058

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    Ashleigh Noble
    July 23, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Love the way you styled this look.x

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